The Government has published new guides to assist landlords, tenants and agents in understanding their rights and responsibilities in relation to properties in the private rented and leasehold sectors.

The "how-to-guides" are entitled:-

  • How to let
  • How to lease
  • How to rent a safe home
  • How to rent

All guides provide a useful outline, including checklists and information, for tenants, landlords and agents but all should be aware that the guides offer only a summary and where a dispute arises, or there is uncertainty as the scope of the various rights and obligations, advice should be obtained from a solicitor.

I have previously highlighted various rights and obligations now outlined in the guides. It is important to note that the "How to rent: the checklist for renting in England" has been updated (again). Landlords potentially cannot serve a valid Section 21possession notice unless an up-to-date version of this guide has been provided to the tenant.