Ombudsman Services has announced that it will stop complaints handling in the property sector. The not-for-profit organisation, which is the largest multi-sector Ombudsman in the UK, says it will work with charities, consumer groups, property professionals and the public on a report calling for the creation of single housing ombudsman.

An ombudsman is an independent service that can help deal with an unresolved complaint you might have with an organisation. Any Internal complaints process of the company you are in dispute with would need to be exhausted before referring to an ombudsman.

Ombudsman Services plan to handle existing complaints and begin a managed withdrawal from the current schemes it operates for surveyors, managing agents, estate agents and letting agents by 6 August 2018.

A single housing ombudsman service has been mooted for some time and further details of a new scheme are expected in March 2018. A new scheme won't be expected to be in place by 6 August 2018 however. That does not leave tenants and consumers without recourse as many firms are already members of existing schemes such as the Property Ombudsman and Property Redress Scheme. Should those existing schemes not provide recourse then legal assistance can be obtained from Bury & Walkers LLP.