Further to my post relating to a separate block of flats concerning the issue of replacement cladding we have a decision from the Property Tribunal that lessees of a block of flats in Salford must pay for the cost of fire wardens whilst the existing cladding remains.

The Tribunal determined that the cost of the fire wardens is recoverable by the landlord under the lease as part of the service charge. The effect of this is that the service charge, in this case, nearly tripled. 

This additional cost may not be the end of the liability for the leaseholders and the cost of the replacement cladding will also need to be considered. 

Away from the flats in Salford there are over 200 other blocks affected by the cladding issue and each will be subject to their own lease. The provisions of each lease would need to be reviewed to establish the extent of the service charge liability.

Any landlords or leaseholders concerned can contact me on 0113 244227 or g.archer@burywalkers.com