Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in rented accommodation under Regulations that came into force on 1st October 2015. Carbon monoxide alarms are only required in a room of the rented premises if the room is wholly or party used as living accommodation and the room contains a solid fuel burning appliance. 

Guidance on the Regulations as provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government can be found here.

There is a requirement to check that the alarms are in working order on the day that the tenants are entitled to possession of the property. Arguably, therefore, someone needs to attend the property on the first day that the tenants enter into possession so as to check that the alarms work and for them to record (the tenant signing the inventory for example) that they are in working order. This will ensure the Regulations are complied with.

The linked Guide contains further details as to the requirements for smoke alarms and their placement along with how the local authority may enforce the provisions and impose a penalty charge of up to £5,000.