Damage to a property caused by the tenant is often a contested issue for landlords and agents.

A tenant may dispute that they are responsible for the alleged damage citing "wear and tear" or claiming that the condition of the property was as when they commenced the tenancy. This can lead to an adjudication by the deposit protection scheme and the landlord fighting to retain some or all of the deposit to pay for the damage.

MyDeposits have issued a helpful guide to assist landlords and agents in using video and photographic evidence to show the adjudicator the extent of the damage.

A key element of presenting such evidence is to have a "before and after" comparison i.e. evidence of the state of the property both as at the start of the tenancy and at the end. Crucially, the tenant should be invited to confirm, both at the start and end of the tenancy, that they accept what the evidence shows. The landlord will then be able to submit, to the adjudicator, contemporaneous evidence certified by the tenant to support their position that the tenant (or their visitors) has caused the damage.